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Photos by John Bourisseau 1999

Zane Bourisseau 2003
Zane Bourisseau


 Zane Bourisseau, son of Frank Bourisseau (S.Fox Lighthouse Keeper 1928 - 1937)
and grandson of Louis Bourisseau (1st Assistant Keeper 1885 - 1891,
Keeper 1891 - 1915), spent many summers of his youth on South Fox Island.


He visited the Lighthouse in September 1999, accompanied by relatives.
John Bourisseau, a nephew of Zane Bourisseau, kindly sent us the following
photos in August 2005. Some of them are featured on Terry Pepper's page
on South Fox Island too.

Thank you very much, John!

After his visit in 1999, Zane tried to go to the Lighthouse again in 2003, but
the conditions of the lake didn't allow safe landing. On that occasion, the
photo above was shot by Cathy Allchin, head of the South Fox Island
Education Association, predecessor of our Fox Island Lighthouse Association.

Please keep in mind that these are photos from the pre-megapixel era.

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Light Station from east

Thumbnail Zane and Jim on the dock

The sorry relics of the dock

Thumbnail 1867 Lighthouse from northeast

Thumbnail 1867 Lighthouse from northeast

Thumbnail Front door of 1867 Lighthouse

Photos by
Zane Bourisseau

Zane Bourisseau aboard the boat in 2003