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New FILA Guestbook

After nine months of struggles with the company that ran the FILA guestbook,



If you wonder what happened to the old guestbook and all those messages, please scroll down and read on.













The NetGuestbook Saga

Our guestbook, run by, stopped working in June 2015.

We couldn't even get into the administration area of our guestbook account. It just didn't seem to exist any more. All we got were error messages, and very useful ones:

Guestbook error message
No kidding! It's great to know how extremely quickly
this message was generated in view of the fact that
the guestbook has been out of order since June 2015.
And the 16 digits after the decimal point are very im-
pressive, aren't they?
Now that's what we call professional quality!

By the way, the time in milliseconds mentioned in the message
box displayed above is chemically pure humbuggery. In that
period of time, a single digital bit inside a computer travels only
a tiny fraction of a nanometer, i.e. it barely starts to move. The
most accurate atomic clocks are not even remotely able to measure
such ultra-minute amounts of time.

So far, about 22 complaints in written form and in several languages have remained unanswered. We even filed a complaint with their Abuse Department (!), letting them know that we feel sort of abused by their way of handling, or rather NOT handling, the problem. No reaction there either.

After some research, we also emailed the guy that had the Internet domain registered for that company some 14 years ago and still owns it. Again, no reply.

The domain is owned by one Jürgen Riedel in Stuttgart, Germany, who runs several small company Websites like,,,, and various other sites, some of which do not work at all and none of them provides a usable contact address.

All these problems would not be that bad if, at the very least, it were possible to extract the several hundred former guestbook entries so we could use them for our new guestbook. However, since we cannot access the administration of the old guestbook account, there's no way.

Meanwhile, we have made an all new guestbook, located on the servers that host our entire FILA Website.

Besides that, of course, you can always contact us by phone and email.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hans Joerg Rothenberger
FILA Webmaster 



Latest update April 3, 2016