1867 lighthouse front door

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 The Fox Island Lighthouse Association (FILA) is a non-profit organization (501(c)(3)).
Donations are tax deductible.

Donations may be sent to:

Fox Island Lighthouse Association
 P.O. Box 851
 Traverse City, MI 49685

You can also use PayPal for your donation:

For donations in kind please contact Karen and John Wells, (231) 933-0125,


Coast Guard 40-foot supply boat in 1953
CG supply boat 1953.

Help from Boaters Needed


In the later years of the South Fox Island Light Station, the Coast Guard used 40-foot vessels to deliver people and supplies.

Today, access to the station is via private boat, mostly those owned by FILA members, but there are often more people who'd like to go than we can arrange transport for, so we need more capacity.

Could you, or anyone you know, help de- liver volunteers or materials to the station?

Please contact us!



FILA is accepting membership applications to support the activities necessary to protect and preserve the South Fox Island Lighthouse. Members are also encouraged to volunteer materials and labor to these efforts.

FILA Membership categories:

$25, $50, $100, $250+

Click here to download a membership form.

Alternatively, you can submit your membership fee through the PayPal
link button below, without having to download the membership form:


Important Note

Members and non-members who'd like to donate volunteer work on the island must clearly understand that we are dealing with a little island in a huge lake, where sometimes work trips have to be postponed due to the weather conditions. What is perceived as a nice breeze in sunny summer weather can build up waves out there that make it downright impossible for us to safely anchor at the Light Station, occasionally for more than a week. There is no dock at the Lighthouse, let alone a harbor. Everything and everybody must be dinghied from the boat at anchor to the beach and back aboard.

The safety of our teams is our main concern, which means that sometimes we just cannot take volunteers to the island and back within their time window of vacation or whatever. Please do not feel disappointed if that ever happens to you. Mother Nature always has the last word.

Summer Keepers Program

Are you a little group (two or more people) of outdoorsers interested in
camping at the Lighthouse for several weeks in gorgeous nature?

Our Summer Keepers Program might be for you.

Please click here to learn more.


Let the light shine again!


  FILA Supporters

Special thanks to these people and companies for their generous support:

Arrow Roofing & Supply, Inc., Grand Rapids &Traverse City

Jack Nowland

Bill Collins

Ron Fitzsimmons

Northport Lumber

Jean Schmidt

Steve Craker

Gull Island Marine

Day Signs

Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum


Andy Thomas of Thomas & Milliken Millwork

Charles Anderson of Leelanau Tree Service

Cyalume Technologies

The Fairbanks Company

Fiskars Garden Tools

Grand Traverse Mobile Communications

Home Depot

Industrial Magnets Inc.

Roy's General Store & Hardware

Snap-On Tools (Bahco)


W.W. Grainger

Zee Medical



DeWitt Barrels

Melching Demolition & Dismantling

New Zealand Pump Company

Traverse City Glass Company

Doug & Gwen Noren

Family Fare, Traverse City

Hansen Foods, Suttons Bay

Maxbauer, Taverse City

Oleson Foods, Traverse City

Samís Club, Traverse City

Target, Traverse City






Latest update September 9, 2017